When I was a child in Bolivia, I felt ugly, alone, like no one could hear me. I didn't have the resources to affect change in my life. My confidence was zero.

But then I found dance at age 6 when my dad signed me up to a non-profit organization called Saint Joseph Ballet (SJBC). My director, a former nun who founded SJBC, was terrific. She showed me I had a chance to become more in tune with my body. I found a connection to music and arts and became part of a positive and supportive community.

Everything was incredible, but I eventually had to make some difficult choices to decide who I wanted to be. What should my career be? How do I find the love I want? I got caught in a bad relationship, so I decided to be single and work on myself for a long time. I fully committed to my passion, which brought me a sense of confidence, joy, laughter, freedom, and adventure.

BUT I HAD TO START FROM THE VERY BEGINNING. Like pressing a reset button and rebuilding myself!

However, my dedication to myself led to some of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I won global championships, toured the world competing and teaching choreography on TV and in film. Most importantly: I accepted my body. The more confident I got in my dancing, the more my self-esteem improved! I was finally able to connect with myself and others.

This created the building blocks for The Confidence Dance Method. I could use my passion and education in dance to help others connect to their bodies, nurture their confidence, and rebuild a belief in themselves. By helping myself and can now teach thousands of students these simple tools to help themselves.

If you’re ready to finally master yourself and build your confidence and connections the right way, then I promise you’ll find my teaching method extremely helpful…

In fact, I’ve created a free download that will help you hit the next level. Just click the button at the top of the homepage of this site. Then you’ll tell me where you’d like me to send your free training.

Sound like a deal? It’s my mission to pass my knowledge on so you don’t make the same dumb mistakes I did.

Go do that now and welcome aboard!

-Liz Lira