"Transforming lives on and off the dance floor"

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Liz's mission is to use the power of Latin Dance to transform lives on and off the Dance Floor!


Liz Lira, a 25-time World Champion Latin Dancer, award-winning choreographer, Grammy’s featured artist, empowerment coach, and inspirational speaker, who's transformed millions of lives on and off the dance floor. She is also the author of the #1 Amazon best-selling book, The Life-Changing Power of Latin Dance.


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My World

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"The Life Changing Power of Latin Dance".

By Liz Lira

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"I have been going to the academy for a little over a year. I love it, they have taught me so much and I have grown so much as a dancer. Everyone is so welcoming and energetic. I absolutely love the shoes!!!!!!! Liz Lira has the best dance shoes true to size, and comfy to dance all night in. Liz Lira academy has so many amazing dancers and teachers and I am blessed to be part of it."

Grace A

"Liz Lira and her dance academy has literally transformed my life. Since coming in one day last year to try a beginners salsa class to doing her 8 week series and then auditioning for her team. Liz and her team treats you like family from the very first moment you walk in the door and helps you be the very best dancer you want to be. Whether you want to come take class once a week or a few times a week - she teaches technique so you keep getting better! LLDA has given more more confidence, energy, and joy both on and off of the dance floor. I love Liz so much and will be grateful to her always."

Anya S

"I started dancing at Liz Lira's Dance Academy about 3 weeks ago. From then till now I have already experienced a tremendous amount of growth in my dancing ability and understanding. It is really amazing. I have wanted to get better at salsa dancing for a long time and have gone to different schools and I can honestly say that Liz's teaching ability is second to none. She is a truly a gifted dancer and teacher who makes learning fun. Liz really understands how to teach the fundamentals of partner dancing which I haven't found at any other school. Most schools focus on teaching steps. With Liz you do learn the steps but also the thinking and theory behind the movements which have really helped me to feel like I understand what makes one a really good dancer. I couldn't be more thankful for finding this dance academy. Liz is awesome, tons of fun and also super patient and encouraging. The students here are also super nice and supportive. It's really a great community. Highly highly recommended dance classes. This is the place to learn the art of partner dancing."

Jason S

"Where and how do I start this review and do it justice? Liz Lira....aaaahhhh Liz Lira, my heart flutters just when I say her name or simply think of her. She might very well be an angel dancing on this earth! First, let's talk about the TALENT! Unsurpassed. Breath-taking! Finesse and it's finest! Moves like molasses. Lines, poise, and points of a prima ballerina. Spins like roulette table...spins like a microscopic sphere!!!! I could watch this woman dance the rest of my life and always be in awwwwwwweeeee! Mentor? Idol? Those are understatements. She's a goddess and a queen and I bow down!!!! World champion of the highest high. My eyes and heart can't get enough! The BEST DANCER, the MOST AMAZING TEACHER! For someone of her caliber to be so humble, kind, patient and motivating is EXTREMELY RARE! God definitely spent more time creating this one. Perfected. Finest art and soul in a human. Let's talk about her HEART! Not sure to laugh, not sure to cry (tears of joy of course). Her laugh and smile so infectious, you can never have a bad day when you're with Liz. Her heart so open and loving, I could just cry instantly at the thought of any thing that could ever cause her pain. She's a ray of light who shines so bright you'll know how blessed you just to know her. And the fact she's always looking for ways to give back and inspire others is just mesmerizing! When the spotlight should shine so brightly on her, she always shines the light on others. She brings out confidence in others that would otherwise never exist. She must have wings and a halo My journey with Liz has been a long one. One of almost 10 years. She changed my life and in many ways, she gave me life! My whole life changed for the better when I met Liz. In fact, with Liz, it's like you meet a whole world of great people. She cultivates and curates good people who gravitate towards her. She creates a family of not just dance and the love for it, but just love and lovely people that want to be around her. It's the most joyous experience and journey I've ever had in my life by simply knowing Liz. Liz Lira, you're one of a kind and I cherish you more than you know (but I sure hope you know)! I carry you with me in my heart every day! You. Are. Love Keep smiling, keep shining!!!!"

Heather R

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