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Confident Dance Method - Special Offer!

Experience the Confident Dance Method to build a strong lifestyle foundation, break bad habits, and discover your true self.

Exclusive 3 Month Coaching Program

“This method works even if you know nothing about how to dance! It can transform your life on and off the dance floor. It only takes an hour a day to get it done, and tells you exactly what you need to do.”

You deserve to effortlessly start your healing process, rediscover intimacy, and create pure connection.

Even better, the Confident Dance Method will improve your mindset, allowing you to become a Master of Self and bring joy to your personal, family, and work life.

And you’d be able to get it all without feeling lonely, depressed, or insecure ever again.



Discover confidence, allowing you to find your true purpose and live life with joy.

Create connection, to help you be more comfortable around the people you desire. You can start dating successfully again, reignite the spark in your relationship, or find a supportive community.

Learn Mastery of Self, so that you can believe in yourself and improve your health, physique, and achieve that lifestyle you’ve always desired. 



  1. STEP IT UP - Build a strong dance foundation and positive mindset.

Estimated Completion Time: 1-3 weeks 

  1. CALL IT OUT - Find your voice and become fully self-aware.

Estimated Completion Time: 1-3 weeks

  1. MOVE IT - Reconnect with your body and strengthen your coordination and balance.

Estimated Completion Time: 1-3 weeks

  1. LET IT GO - Use dance to discover the rhythms of life and find the joy that’s all around you!

Estimated Completion Time: 1-3 weeks 

  1. MASTER IT! - Become a Master of Self and find freedom in knowing who you are, what you want and believe you can achieve it all.

Estimated Completion Time: 1-3 weeks 



  • Lifetime Access to Learning Portal - Full of all the systems, checklists and lessons to help you get confident on and off the dance floor fast!
  • Limited Access to Support - I’m here to motivate, encourage and support you whenever I can.
  • 3 months - You'll be guided through the entire process by a successful World-Class Champion Dancer who used the same system as you to get confident, connected, and joy in life.
  • 3 Private 1-on-1 Calls - As you accomplish each Milestone, we'll have a private coaching call so I can make sure you're headed in the right direction.
  • Monthly Group Call - Each month you'll be able to attend a 'mastermind' call where you network with, and get feedback from, the other members of this program.
  • Private Facebook Group - This is where you can network with like-minded people and be surrounded with love and encouragement. Our community is the best around, and I believe you're going to love them.



Get a special focus group rate of $998.50!

1-on-1 Session with Liz Lira - Get feedback on your progress, receive tips on technique, and ask questions as you discover how to be confident on and off the dance floor.

NOW ONLY $998.50!

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No Risk!  If after our 1st Coaching Call you’re not clear on your steps to success and loving working with me, just let me know for a full refund of your investment. If you don’t love this program, then I don’t want your money.